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Products Available at Great Lakes Landscape Supply

Great Lakes Landscape Supply offers a one-stop experience for all your landscape needs. We offer plants, cast stone, natural stone, edging, and fabrics.


Both Paving Brick and Wall Block: We stock many brands of cast stone and have acres of inventory always on hand. See our full product catalog on our availability page for variety and pricing.




Potted Shrubs and Perennials: We stock and grow a wide variety of potted shrubs and perennials at our main yard. We update our availability weekly. See our current availability on our availability page.



Natural Stone: We carry a large supply of natural stone from ledge stone to cobblestone and in every color you could want.




Field Dug Trees: We carry a good selection of field dug trees and shrubs. So much so, we dedicated 2 entire yards just to large B&B merchandise.