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Natural Stone Products

Great Lakes Landscape Supply stocks over 20 varieties of natural stone in multiple dimensions for each.








For a complete list of natural stone offerings, see the stone catalog for pictures and descriptions.  Current pricing can be found in our full product catalog.







Natural Limestone 60" Snapstep:

Also comes available in Pillar Caps and Ledge stone













Niagra Chocolate Outcropping:

Also available in Sorted Steps, Wallstone, flagging and Split wallstone.












Lions Head cut step:

Also available as Flagstone, Split Wallstone, and Outcropping.







Cedar Falls 3-4in Slab:

Also available as Outcropping, Sorted Steps, Thick Flagstone, Thick Wallstone, and Cut Steps.










Badlands Stand-up Flagstone:

Also available as Flagstone, Split Wallstone, Outcropping, Saw Cut Flagstone, and Split steps.









New York Blue Split Step:

Also comes as Ledgestone  and Countertop.






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